Once the Honeymoon is over there are two different ways for you, family, and friends to view, your pictures. Everyone gets a Compact Disc Slideshow that they can view and review pictures forever. Not only that, say you like two pictures but need to decide on one, and the only person that can settle it once in for all, your best bud since kindergarten, happens to be in Italy...No problem, email the pictures right off the CD, to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Are you a child of the information age, got friends everywhere? We can also post your wedding to the internet so that anyone, anywhere can view it via the world wide web, how conveinient is that. Technology is finally changing one of the oldest traditions around, we think it's for the better. Certainly the most innovative step since video: More Efficient, More Creative and More Enviromentally Friendly.

"Since the beginning of the digital revolution, the main advantages have been superior performance, and advanced flexibility. Film has some flexibility but it usually requires cumbersome capital intensive "inbetween" steps, that are unpredictable and usually diminish image quality."
It never fails you always blink in the best picture of you. In the past you just had to pick another one and forget about the "sleepy pose you liked your smile in!" Not anymore, you can have things like a pesky videographer removed from pictures, a falling bra strap made magically invisible! The possibilities are endless as each day, each couple, and each memory is different.
You start with one of the pictures that you both absolutely love. Like the one above, hey it's a great picture, but every picture, especially one from your wedding day derserves a little more care. So we consider all of the possible effects and choose one or two that you like the best, and then the creating begins. SOFT FOCUS

This is a simple technique to draw attention to the more important details (you), and to create an ambiance around the picture, to make it feel more than fig 1.


By adding the, or rather subtracting colour from the image and combining that with the soft focus effect, you convey more of a feeling of craftsmanship and antiquity. The photograph becomes more like a old fashioned painting, a piece of art that you helped create, and a memory that will last forever.