Welcome to the digital workshop, where we make anything possible. It is also what ices the cake on a Dave Bruzzese wedding package. Your day begins, and Dave is there to capture all of it, with style. He then returns to the workshop, to download all of the digital pictures, and begins the creation of your digital CD presentation. When the presentation has been made, our resident designer and digital expert then reviews the images, pulling highlights, lowlights and beautiful moments of your wedding, to be used on your very own, one of a kind, custom designed cd cover. A taste test for what we can do with some of the beautiful moments from your day.
What about proofs? Well, besides being a waste of materials, that are 80% of the time thrown away, they are also produced through chemical processes that are harmful to the environment and the people who have to work directly with them. All of your pictures on one tiny disc offers a world of conveiniences. Your CD presentation, is digital, so you can do anything with it. Having a hard time deciding on this one or that? Email both directly off the disc to a friend, or friends, to help you out. With the help of your computer, you can also change pictures between black and white, or colour, try out different crops, make a website out of it, or just watch it over and over without having to flip pages. Organize it into different album layouts, without the inconveience of messing up the order of the proof book. Leave it running as a screen saver, you see what we mean, the possibilities are limitless. And you don't ever have to wait 3 weeks for proofs to see how the pictures look, in most cases the CD is ready 2 days, and it can even be ready sooner than that if you really need it!
This is just the begining. After you and your loved one have decided on your order, or opted to leave the picking to the professionals, the workshop begins to hum. Each print to leave the workshop is hand crafted by our industry leading professionals. We take care in giving you not just a copy of each picture but a masters edition print of each important image. Each image is cropped for the best aethetic effect, and undergoes precision tonal adjusment, sharpening or softening not to mention our optional artistic additions.
We can do anything, make images black and white with colour like those trendy hallmark greeting cards, except it's you. Soft focus, selective focus, out of focus even, we do it all. We can fix blinks, falling bra straps, missing uncles, unhappy grannys and just about anything else you can throw our way. Including posts, no parking signs and barbeques (yeah, we've removed eveything)!