Every picture starts like this, a beautiful shot of the two of you, courtesy of Dave. It's always a great starting point. But you can always add emphasis, or mood, or syle to each image to perfectly capture, the moment.
In step two, we have created a soft edge effect, that adds a sort of dreamy mood. This is what is called selective soft focus in the photo business, but it has yet to emphasize the most important part, you, the newly weds.
Step 3 is an example of the use of many of the different effects we can use to polish your pictures. In addition to the focus alteration, the colour has been slightly subdued, and all and the colours except blue and green have been removed. Notice the tight colour harmony and simple style of this shot, a classic interpretation of a beautiful happy couple. If you roll your mouse over the picture you can see a sepia effect added, and if you click you can see a black and white version. Compare, then ask yourself, what looks better, step 1, or 3a or b or c. The workshop is the difference, it's where your wedding becomes a quality controlled project, with a lot of high tech benefits and not just another booking.