Colour, or the lack of it, is one of the most important factors in creating the mood of a photograph. Black and White simplifies things and adds a sort of elegance to pictures. Sepia has an old fashioned feeling, antiquity, and simplicity at the same time. Full colour, is full colour, and believe it or not we even alter it too. There are two options; bright and saturated, perhaps to covey a really intense feeling, or soft and subdued, to carry a more subtle emotive quality. Then of course is the use of selective colour, when done properly it can turn a regular photograph into timeless work of art. Basically we can alter pictures two different ways using selective colour, we can either change specific areas of the picture, or remove only certain colours from the whole image. The use of selective colour requires the use of great tact to avoid clashes and design faux pas, but that's what our experts are here for. Just ask, and we can work with any idea, doesn't matter how crazy you think it may sound. We make it look easy!