Dave Bruzzese is an outstanding photographer. He has photographed everything imaginable for over 15 years. Commercial shoots, Portraits, Weddings, Professional and Amateur sports of all kinds. Each specific application requires different talents and learning experiences which add character and style to a photographers bag of tricks. Sports photography is Dave's passion and it requires a lot of anticipation, and timing to capture the perfect moment, it is a skill that is honed like a sword, over a period of years until it becomes as sharp as instinct.
Dave just seems to know when to shoot, to make memories stand still. His years of experience have made him one of the most observant people to walk the face of the earth.
He is also one of the friendliest people to ever live too. Ask anyone who has met him, he has a general love of people, big, small, short or tall, the crazier the better. It is a quality that makes him that much more of a photographer. So much about a great picture relies on the interaction between the subject (the people in the photo) and the photographer. You see it in the eyes, because it's not just about what the photographer directs you to do, it more about how you feel about doing what you've been directed to do, the body language that you have no control over, like how you wrinkle your nose when you laugh outloud. Dave is sure to be a highlight of your day, and he is commited to capturing all of the other highlights too.