At digital dave's we feel that the quality of photography you recieve, is always our major concern. As professionals we take pride in our work, and feel comitted to providing an unbeatable service, in an uncanny amount of time. The products that we choose to use are top of the line professional quality printers, computers, and imaging equipment, that allow us to provide 100 year archival prints of clear, crisp, saturated,, "decisive moment" style photographs. And like the products we choose, each person at digital dave's is well trained and a seasoned pro at their job, and most importantly is always more critical of their own work than you will ever be. Here's the proof.
Digital Dave

Dave Bruzzese has been photographing professional sports since the late 1980's. He even survived the earthquake during the 1989 World Series in Oakland. Since then, he has photographed several American Presidents, numerous professional sports, including skating and many NFL, CFL and NHL games. Dave has shot just about everything that moves (motocross and skiing -to name a few sports in the wide gamut), and he has participated as a competitior in many of them! To contact digital dave, click here.